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Annual Review 2015

Staff and Students
Amount of students
223 students started with their school year on the 4th of January. Due to increased promotion by the means of banners, radio commercials and an opportunity for a broadcast on the local television station Star TV have contributed by a 6.7 % increase of the amount of students.
By interviewing the new parents it has come clear that the radio spots seem to be the most effective way of promotion. Up until the end of January the total amount of students went up to 256 children distributed in two kinder garden classes and standard 1 to 6 one class each.
The team has been increased by 7 new members. 3 New teachers, 2 guardians and for the hostel 1 cook and 1 matron.
Children Sponsorships
The amount of sponsored children has been raised to 65.
During this year we have welcomed 6 volunteers origin from Germany, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. They contributed their workforce in administration, together with the teachers they were working with the children, introduced new learning material, and were writing reports. Also they took pictures and shot a movie for the media, carried out a project week on the topic of the world and maintained the storeroom. They contributed with ideas and actions the sports lessons and were helpful with the children who board at the school during their leisure time.
Their names were Sophie Groe-Rueschkamp, Benjamin Gaum, Isabel Zgraggen, Michaela Verling, Svenja Schnackenberger und Alessia Buechel.

School activities
In the newly opened hostel we could accommodate 35 five boarding students, especially for those who live far from the school, this is an improvement.
Three teachers were further trained in using schooling material. The seminar was offered by Opportunity Education Foundation. This organization also donated again learning materials. For details refer to following website:
All students from the classes 2 to 6 have been engaged in a project week with the title the world
A movie on the everyday school activities of two children was realized.
This year our school joined the Mwanza English Medium School Association (MEMSA) exams for the second time. To our great joy all of our students passed the exams.
A group of children and a group of staff members could undertake a journey to visit the Ngorongoro crater and Lake Manyara National park.
This year we introduced a class teachers hour once a week. This is the opportunity for the children to discuss issues of importance to their school life with their respective class teacher.
At the annual meeting with parents in the beginning of December the school year 2015 was reflected and the plans for the 2016 were presented.
Together with our team members we celebrated our 5th year anniversary in September.
A team from Star TV produced a report about our school, there by the children were followed by the camera and some of the teachers were interviewed. The documentation was then broadcasted.
Flyers in English and Swahili were produced in order to inform about our school.
The school was represented at the yearly Christmas Charity Craft Fair in Mwanza. We produced wooden games and sold them as well as we informed the visitors about our school.

Infrastructure / Projects
The school is now connected to the public power network. Really a big step we are happy about. Unfortunately the power is cut off frequently so we are more than glad to have a backup by the means of our solar system.
We could open a room with 20 computers and all children from the 3rd class upwards have computer lessons regularly.
The construction of the Community hall has further developed. The constructions works have been a huge challenge in different ways, especially the financial part concerning water and power supply. Since the hall has almost been finished, we already can host some activities.
The main entrance to the school grounds has been altered by a gate and a little house for the guardians. The door can be locked and supplies an increased security. The school is represented decently.
Plans for more classrooms, computer lab, library and media centre were started. For the start of the construction work the first materials are ready and in place.

In June Johanna travelled to Liechtenstein in order to promote Viktoria Schools in Liechtenstein. Together with the association of friends of Viktoria Schools a flea market was organised.

Plans and projects for the years 2016 and 2017
Completion of the community hallFurther activities to strengthen the team and the structure
Construction of more classrooms, computer lab, library and media centre
Buying another plot to construct a boarding building
Staff and volunteer housing
Installation of more solar panels

Last but not least
Please receive our warmest thank. We are grateful to all of you who have been supporting our school with their ideas, time and financially, without which our school year could not have been as successful. Your contribution be it as a private person or an association Friends of Viktoria Schools, a foundation, communities each and everyone is supporting our school to develop properly.

Thank you so much Asanteni sana