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Annual Review 2016

Annual Report 2016 for Viktoria Schools
It is with great pleasure to provide this report summarizing the progress and hopes and plans for the future.

Students & Staff
On 9th January we were able to welcome 234 students to start the new academic year. Our promotion activities across town resulted in another 85 pupils joining a few weeks later. In total there were 319 children. The number of sponsored children was 72 compared to 65 last year.
The team has welcomed eight newcomers. Three teachers, one substitute secretary, one cook, two night guards and one more matron for the boarding school have been employed. There are now 36 staff members working at our school.
Seven volunteers contributed to our school: Johann Falke, Alessia Büchel, Svenja Schnackenberg, Barbara Wildisen, Alina Unkelbach, Dylan McLean and Emanuel Hoch.

School Activities
Another Boarding house has been rented to accommodate more students due to the increasing demand. 70 Children, 37 boys and 33 girls lived in these houses under the surveillance of two house mothers. Boarding is mainly open for those children who live far from the school or children of families living in poor conditions.
In May, all parents were invited to school for a meeting with the teachers and non teaching staff members to discuss the progress of their children, learning support possibilities and school fees.
In July, a teambuilding - seminar for all staff members took place, led by Mr. Mugishagwe, a lecturer from St. Augustine University (SAUT), which is located nearby Viktoria School.
“Karibu foundation Tanzania” offered a seminar open to all, parents, pupils and staff members, addressing issues, such as, prevention of child abuse sexually and corporal punishment, as well as, the importance of providing good care to children.
In September our first seventh grade class took the mandatory National Examinations. All children passed either with an A or B grade, which are the two top marks possible to achieve. This was a remarkable achievement as compared to all other schools taking the test.
With great joy and enthusiasm the graduation party was organized by the staff members and resulted in a wonderful day for all.
In December all staff members were invited for a Christmas dinner to celebrate the successful school year.

Infrastructure/ Projects
With the increasing number of pupils and yet another level, Standard 7, we had to add furniture, like desks and chairs and text books for the children.
With the newly installed solar system we were able to provide enough electricity to run the equipment in the computer laboratory for our pupils.
The construction of the hall was almost finished in November. Only gutters and a security and a music system need to be added. The children are able to have their meals in the hall since then and our kitchen also moved there. It is now bigger and better equipped.
The multipurpose hall is now fit to host the children during meals under a roof. The hall serves other activities as well, such as, indoor games, religious rituals like baptisms. Once the hall meets all necessary requirements, we hope to rent the hall for weddings, seminars, workshops and so forth as a means to generate income for our school.
In November, the construction of a big underground water reserve tank of 130 thousand liters behind the multipurpose hall was an important event. As soon as the gutters are added, rain water can be collected. The water will be used for the kitchen, toilets and gardens, etc.
Also in November, we started with the construction of new school building: In a few months time, we expect to have a new computer lab, a library, a media room and new classrooms.
In December, new solar panels were installed on the rooftop of the multipurpose hall and a solar system was installed by volunteers from Liechtenstein. These panels are planned to equip the hall with solar power.
The school buildings were repainted in new, bright colors and are looking very attractive now.

Perspective for 2017 and 2018
We plan two classes per level to meet the increasing number of pupils, mainly to prevent class sizes from getting too big.
We expect the gutters of the hall to be installed and connected to the underground tank, as well as, another school building to be finished.
We plan to establish a school choir for the older students to give praise and thanksgiving for all the blessings we have received and to help students to develop their vocal talents and build school spirit.
We look forward to welcome a group of visitors from the society of “Friends of Viktoria Schools” in July.
The second graduation for Standard VII will take place in October.
It might be necessary to buy another plot for yet another hostel and also to build housing for our staff and the volunteers.

Again, we want to express our deepest gratitude for all the support we have received from various sources throughout the year. We could not have come so far without it.